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Why WebLinks Status Analyzer?Why WebLinks Status Analyzer?

  • Do you have your own web project?
  • Do you know what does it means SEO?
  • Do you want to know from where is going traffic on your project?
  • Do you spend hours a day looking for your position in search engines?
  • Do you want to know all possible ways how to find your project on internet?

If only once you answered YES, then continue

WebLinks Status Analyzer is a solution for you.

You can find all internal and external links in your web project. Program supports 7 main search engines:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Altavista
  • AOL
  • Lycos
  • AllTheWeb
In all selected search engines, program finds all back links on your project.
And for your selected keywords you easily find your position in search engines.

How can WebLinks Status Analyzer help you?

Main goal of WebLinks Status Analyzer is a promotion of your project. It helps you with youe SEO efforts for project. Only pages that are good indexed in search engines have chance to be successfull.

With this SEO tool you can also:
  • Check position of your project in search engines
  • Check easily reciprocal links.
  • Check consistence of your internal links.

How to use WebLinks Status Analyzer?

WebLinks Status Analyzer is recommended use with following steps:
  • If it is necessery (you use proxy server) fill Internet settings.
  • Enter name (address) of your project for example.
  • Add banned patterns for internal links.
  • Select check box Analyze internal links or All links.
  • Press button Analyze links.
  • Program find all internal links for your project
    and select main page of your project for back link searching.
  • If you want, select more links for back link searching
  • Select Analyze external links
  • Select Analyze back links
  • Select or unselect buttons for Search engines
  • Press button Analyze links and wait.
  • For long project it can take some time to find all back links.
  • If you want also find your position for keywords in search engines select Analyze keywords position.
  • Press button Analyze links and wait.
  • Change keywords and try find positions for them.


I have been using your tool to know the keyword position in search engines for my site. Its a quick and great tool created by you. I really really appreciate your efforts......Keep good working man... Many Regards and best wishes
Vijay Gupta

Your web project status is under your control now.
Your web project status is under your control now.

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