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42259 Snacks Snacks, popcorn, oil-popped, unsalted
42271 Snacks Snacks, popcorn, oil-popped, low fat
42272 Snacks Snacks, granola bar, with coconut, chocolate coated
42283 Snacks Snacks, potato chips, white, restructured, baked
43100 Snacks Breakfast bars, oats, sugar, raisins, coconut (include granola bar)
43109 Snacks Pretzels, soft
43364 Snacks Snacks, tortilla chips, unsalted, white corn
43447 Snacks Snacks, corn-based, extruded, chips, unsalted
43566 Snacks Snacks, tortilla chips, light (baked with less oil)
43572 Snacks Popcorn, microwave, low fat and sodium
43595 Snacks Breakfast bar, corn flake crust with fruit
35001 Ethnic Foods Agutuk, fish/berry with seal oil (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
35002 Ethnic Foods Agutuk, fish with shortening (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
35003 Ethnic Foods Agutuk, meat-caribou (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
35004 Ethnic Foods Ascidians (tunughnak) (Alaska Native)
35008 Ethnic Foods Bear, polar, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
35009 Ethnic Foods Whale, beluga, meat, air-dried, raw (Alaska Native)
35010 Ethnic Foods Whale, beluga, eyes, raw (Alaska Native)
35011 Ethnic Foods Whale, beluga, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
35012 Ethnic Foods Whale, beluga, flipper, raw (Alaska Native)
35013 Ethnic Foods Whale, beluga, liver, raw (Alaska Native)
35014 Ethnic Foods Oil, whale, beluga (Alaska Native)
35015 Ethnic Foods Blackberries, raw (Alaska Native)
35016 Ethnic Foods Fish, blackfish, whole (Alaska Native)
35017 Ethnic Foods Blueberries, frozen (Alaska Native)
35021 Ethnic Foods Caribou, bone marrow, raw (Alaska Native)
35022 Ethnic Foods Caribou, eye, raw (Alaska Native)
35023 Ethnic Foods Caribou, liver, raw (Alaska Native)
35024 Ethnic Foods Stew/soup, caribou (Alaska Native)
35025 Ethnic Foods Caribou, tongue, raw (Alaska Native)
35026 Ethnic Foods Chiton, leathery, gumboots (Alaska Native)
35027 Ethnic Foods Cloudberry, raw (Alaska Native)
35028 Ethnic Foods Cockles (Alaska Native)
35029 Ethnic Foods Cranberries, high bush, raw (Alaska Native)
35030 Ethnic Foods Cranberry, low bush or lingenberry, raw (Alaska Native)
35034 Ethnic Foods Fish, devilfish, meat (Alaska Native)
35038 Ethnic Foods Fireweed, young leaves, raw (Alaska Native)
35039 Ethnic Foods Fish, herring eggs on giant kelp, Pacific (Alaska Native)
35040 Ethnic Foods Fish, herring eggs, Pacific, dry (Alaska Native)
35041 Ethnic Foods Fish, herring eggs, Pacific, plain (Alaska Native)
35042 Ethnic Foods Fish, herring, Pacific, meat packed in oil, air-dried (Alaska Native)
35043 Ethnic Foods Huckleberries, raw (Alaska Native)
35046 Ethnic Foods Fish, lingcod, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
35047 Ethnic Foods Fish, lingcod, liver (Alaska Native)
35048 Ethnic Foods Stew, moose (Alaska Native)
35050 Ethnic Foods Mashu roots, raw (Alaska Native)
35051 Ethnic Foods Moose, liver, braised (Alaska Native)
35054 Ethnic Foods Octopus (Alaska Native)
35055 Ethnic Foods Seal, bearded (oogruk), meat, air-dried (Alaska Native)
35056 Ethnic Foods Seal, bearded (oogruk), meat, raw (Alaska Native)
35058 Ethnic Foods Oopah, whole animal (Alaska Native)
35059 Ethnic Foods Owl, horned, meat (Alaska Native)
35060 Ethnic Foods Fish, pike, northern, liver (Alaska Native)
35063 Ethnic Foods Rhubarb, wild, leaves (Alaska Native)
35064 Ethnic Foods Fish, salmon, tipnuk, fermented (Alaska Native)
35065 Ethnic Foods Fish, salmon, king or chinook, kippered, canned (Alaska Native)
35066 Ethnic Foods Fish, salmon, king or chinook, smoked and canned (Alaska Native)
35067 Ethnic Foods Fish, salmon, king or chinook, smoked, brined (Alaska Native)
35068 Ethnic Foods Fish, salmon, king or chinook, liver (Alaska Native)
35070 Ethnic Foods Sea cucumber, yane (Alaska Native)
35071 Ethnic Foods Seal, ringed, meat (Alaska Native)
35072 Ethnic Foods Seal, ringed, liver, (Alaska Native)
35073 Ethnic Foods Soup, fish, homemade (Alaska Native)
35074 Ethnic Foods Sourdock, young leaves (Alaska Native)
35075 Ethnic Foods Squirrel, ground, meat (Alaska Native)
35078 Ethnic Foods Tea, tundra, herb and laborador combination (Alaska Native)
35079 Ethnic Foods Walrus, meat, dry (Alaska Native)
35080 Ethnic Foods Deer (venison), sitka, raw (Alaska Native)
35081 Ethnic Foods Walrus, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
35082 Ethnic Foods Walrus, meat and subcutaneous fat (Alaska Native)
35083 Ethnic Foods Walrus, liver, raw (Alaska Native)
35084 Ethnic Foods Oil, walrus (Alaska Native)
35085 Ethnic Foods Whale, bowhead, subcutaneous fat (blubber) (Alaska Native)
35086 Ethnic Foods Whale, bowhead, skin and subcutaneous fat (muktuk) (Alaska Native)
35087 Ethnic Foods Oil, whale, bowhead (Alaska Native)
35088 Ethnic Foods Fish, whitefish, broad, liver (Alaska Native)
35089 Ethnic Foods Fish, whitefish, mixed species, raw (Alaska Native)
35090 Ethnic Foods Fish, whitefish, broad, roe (Alaska Native)
35091 Ethnic Foods Fish, whitefish, broad, head, eyes, cheeks and soft bones (Alaska Native)
35092 Ethnic Foods Willow, leaves in oil (Alaska Native)
35093 Ethnic Foods Willow, young leaves, chopped (Alaska Native)
35130 Ethnic Foods Mush, blue corn with ash (Navajo)
35131 Ethnic Foods Cornmeal, blue (Navajo)
35132 Ethnic Foods Melon, banana (Navajo)
35133 Ethnic Foods Chilchen (Red Berry Beverage) (Navajo)
35134 Ethnic Foods Corn, dried (Navajo)
35135 Ethnic Foods Corn, white, steamed (Navajo)
35136 Ethnic Foods Cornmeal, white (Navajo)
35137 Ethnic Foods Cornmeal, yellow (Navajo)
35138 Ethnic Foods Squash, Indian, raw (Navajo)
35139 Ethnic Foods Squash, Indian, cooked, boiled (Navajo)
35140 Ethnic Foods Bread, kneel down (Navajo)
35141 Ethnic Foods Mutton, cooked, roasted (Navajo)
35142 Ethnic Foods Bread, Indian, fry, made with lard (Navajo)
35143 Ethnic Foods Tortilla, includes plain and from mutton sandwich (Navajo)
35144 Ethnic Foods Stew, dumpling with mutton (Navajo)
35145 Ethnic Foods Stew, hominy with mutton (Navajo)
35146 Ethnic Foods Stew, mutton corn squash (Navajo)
35147 Ethnic Foods Tamales (Navajo)
35148 Ethnic Foods Stew, steamed corn (Navajo)
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List contains 7146 foods.

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