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Why Energy Diary?Why Energy Diary?

  • Do you have problems with your personal life?
  • Do you think you could improve your life?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your body?
  • Is it your body big, fat and disgusting?
  • XXXL size is not enough for you?
  • Needle of your weighing machine turned over three times?
  • Do you want to buy only one place for plane?
  • Do you want to see you all in your mirror?
  • Do you want to be attractive?

If only once you answered YES, then continue

Energy Diary is a solution for you.

No weight reduction pills. No facelifts. No diets without results. No miracles.
But strict and efficient logging of your energy income and expense will help you.
You should spend only a few minutes a day with logging your eated up foods and your activities.
In short time you will see, where is a mistake with your eating habits.

You will understand a simple math.
When you want to reduce your weight, your energy income must be less than your energy expense.
Nothing more, nothing less.

How can Energy Diary help you?

  • Main goal of Energy Diary is a logging food and activities during day.
  • Program contains database of 7146 foods with nutrition data for each food.
  • Program also contains database of 603 activities with energy expense for each activity.
  • Both, foods and activities, are separated to logical groups for better access while logging.
  • Your own foods? Why not. You can add next foods to list of existing foods.
  • Program shows you after logging summary of energy income and expense for each day.
  • Energy Diary can also log your body measurements.
  • You can define goal and you can check its fulfillment.
  • And that all, simple with tables and graphs, shows you where is a problem with your effort.

How to use Energy Diary?

Energy Diary is recommended use with following steps:
Create new user and login to apllication.
Body Logger Enter weight and height of customer.
Goals Create 1 active goal for user, that means demand weight in the future.
Food Logger Record daily energy income provided with food taking.
Activities Record daily energy expense provided with activities.
Food Creator It is useful for creating of new foods, which are not defined in database of standard foods.
Calendar Provide report for each day about records in each category.
Diary Provide daily recording of other information.


I have never thougth, that it is such simple. When I tried first time this program, I thought it is only another thing to spend money without effect. Each day I filled data in a program, and I saw everything immediately. I only slightly changed my habits, and now I am 41 pounds lighter. Without diet, without difficult exercises.
Mr. J. Smith
I am really excited with results. I lost 22 pounds and I didn't visit any fitness studio. It is a fantastic program.
Mrs. Slindbreit
In our family we tried it all of us. My wife, my 2 daughters and me. I released from backache. My wife's varices disappeared. Daughters banished fear from wearing sexi swimsuits and found new boyfriends. Together we lose 124 pounds. Isn't it great?
Mr. L. Brown

Change your mindChange your bodyChange your life
Change your mindChange your bodyChange your life

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