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Eaten foods

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Exercised activities

Del activityActivityTime of activity (min)Calories per 100kg and 1 hourEnergy (kcal)
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017008 volunteer activities walking, 3.0 mph, moderate speed, not carrying anything
018031 walking walking, grass track
018030 walking walking, for pleasure, work break
018029 walking walking, 5.0 mph
018028 walking walking, 4.5 mph, level, firm surface, very, very brisk
018027 walking walking, 4.0 mph, level, firm surface, very brisk pace
018026 walking walking, 3.5 mph, uphill
018025 walking walking, 3.5 mph, level, brisk, firm surface, walking for exercise
018024 walking up stairs, using or climbing up ladder (Taylor Code 030)
018023 walking rock or mountain climbing (Taylor Code 060)
018032 walking walking, to work or class (Taylor Code 015)
018033 walking walking, 3.0 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface
018042 walking walking to and from an outhouse
018041 walking walking, 2.5 mph, firm surface
018040 walking walking the dog
018039 walking walking to neighbor's house or family's house for social reasons
018038 walking walking from house to car or bus, from car or bus to go places, from car or bus to and from the worksite
018037 walking walking, 2.0 mph, level, slow pace, firm surface
018036 walking walking, household walking
018035 walking using crutches
018034 walking walking, 2.5 mph, downhill
018022 walking climbing hills with 0 to 9 pound load
018001 walking walking for pleasure (Taylor Code 010)
018009 walking marching, rapidly, military
018008 walking bird watching
018007 walking hiking, cross country (Taylor Code 040)
018006 walking downstairs
018005 walking climbing hills with 42+ pound load
018004 walking backpacking (Taylor Code 050)
018003 walking carrying infant or 15 pound load (e.g. suitcase), level ground or downstairs
018002 walking walking, less than 2.0 mph, level ground, strolling, very slow
018010 walking pushing or pulling stroller with child or walking with children
018011 walking pushing a wheelchair, non-occupational setting
018012 walking race walking
018021 walking loading /unloading a car
018020 walking carrying 74+ lb load, upstairs
018019 walking carrying 50 to 74 lb load, upstairs
018018 walking carrying 25 to 49 lb load, upstairs
018017 walking carrying 16 to 24 lb load, upstairs
018016 walking carrying 1 to 15 lb load, upstairs
018015 walking carrying load upstairs, general
018014 walking climbing hills with 10 to 20 pound load
018013 walking climbing hills with 21 to 42 pound load
019029 water activities swimming, lake, ocean, river (Taylor Codes 280, 295)
019028 water activities sailing, boat and board sailing, windsurfing, ice sailing, general (Taylor Code 235)
019027 water activities paddle boat
019026 water activities kayaking
019025 water activities diving, springboard or platform
019024 water activities canoeing, rowing, in competition, or crew or sculling (Taylor Code 260)
019023 water activities canoeing, rowing, for pleasure, general (Taylor Code 250)
019022 water activities canoeing, rowing, 4.0-5.9 mph, moderate effort
019030 water activities swimming, leisurely, not lap swimming, general
019031 water activities whitewater rafting, kayaking, or canoeing
019032 water activities water jogging
019040 water activities swimming, treading water, fast vigorous effort
019039 water activities swimming, synchronized
019038 water activities swimming, sidestroke, general
019037 water activities canoeing, rowing, >6 mph, vigorous effort
019036 water activities swimming, treading water, moderate effort, general
019035 water activities water aerobics, water calisthenics
019034 water activities water polo
019033 water activities water volleyball
019021 water activities canoeing, rowing, 2.0-3.9 mph, light effort
019020 water activities canoeing, portaging
019008 water activities surfing, body or board
019007 water activities snorkeling (Taylor Code 320)
019006 water activities skindiving, scuba diving, general (Taylor Code 310)
019005 water activities skindiving, fast
019004 water activities skimobiling
019003 water activities boating, power
019002 water activities swimming, breaststroke, general
019001 water activities skindiving, moderate
019009 water activities swimming laps, freestyle, fast, vigorous effort
019010 water activities swimming laps, freestyle, slow, moderate or light effort
019011 water activities swimming, backstroke, general
019019 water activities canoeing, harvesting wild rice, knocking rice off the stalks
019018 water activities canoeing, on camping trip (Taylor Code 270)
019017 water activities sailing, in competition
019016 water activities sailing, Sunfish/Laser/Hobby Cat, Keel boats, ocean sailing, yachting
019015 water activities skiing, water (Taylor Code 220)
019014 water activities swimming, crawl, slow (50 yards/minute), moderate or light effort
019013 water activities swimming, crawl, fast (75 yards/minute), vigorous effort
019012 water activities swimming, butterfly, general
020010 winter activities moving ice house (set up/drill holes, etc.)
020011 winter activities skating, ice, 9 mph or less
020012 winter activities skating, ice, general (Taylor Code 360)
020013 winter activities skating, ice, rapidly, more than 9 mph
020014 winter activities snowmobiling
020015 winter activities skating, speed, competitive
020016 winter activities sledding, tobogganing, bobsledding, luge (Taylor Code 370)
020009 winter activities skiing, downhill, moderate effort, general
020008 winter activities skiing, cross country, 2.5 mph, slow or light effort, ski walking
020007 winter activities ski jumping (climb up carrying skis)
020006 winter activities skiing, general
020005 winter activities skiing, cross country, 4.0-4.9 mph, moderate speed and effort, general
020004 winter activities skiing, cross country, 5.0-7.9 mph, brisk speed, vigorous effort
020003 winter activities skiing, cross country, >8.0 mph, racing
020002 winter activities skiing, downhill, light effort
020001 winter activities skiing, cross country, hard snow, uphill, maximum, snow mountaineering
020017 winter activities skiing, downhill, vigorous effort, racing
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List contains 603 activities.

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