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015055 sports coaching: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc.
015046 sports frisbee, ultimate
015047 sports wheelchair
015048 sports billiards
015049 sports fencing
015050 sports drag racing, pushing or driving a car
015051 sports darts, wall or lawn
015052 sports curling
015053 sports croquet
015054 sports cricket (batting, bowling)
015067 sports jai alai
015068 sports horseshoe pitching, quoits
015080 sports paddleball, competitive
015081 sports golf, walking and carrying clubs (See footnote at end of the Compendium)
015082 sports golf, miniature, driving range
015083 sports golf, walking and pulling clubs (See footnote at end of the Compendium)
015084 sports golf, using power cart (Taylor Code 070)
015085 sports racquetball, competitive
015086 sports judo, jujitsu, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do
015087 sports racquetball, casual, general (Taylor Code 470)
015088 sports polo
015079 sports orienteering
015078 sports handball, general (Taylor Code 520)
015069 sports horseback riding, walking
015070 sports horseback riding, trotting
015071 sports horseback riding, saddling horse, grooming horse
015072 sports horseback riding, general
015073 sports hockey, ice
015074 sports hockey, field
015075 sports hand gliding
015076 sports gymnastics, general
015077 sports handball, team
015089 sports paddleball, casual, general (Taylor Code 460)
015045 sports frisbee playing, general
015001 sports softball, pitching
015013 sports rope jumping, moderate, general
015014 sports rope jumping, fast
015015 sports rock climbing, rappelling
015016 sports squash (Taylor Code 530)
015017 sports table tennis, ping pong (Taylor Code 410)
015018 sports track and field (high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, pole vault)
015019 sports track and field (shot, discus, hammer throw)
015020 sports wallyball, general
015021 sports wrestling (one match = 5 minutes)
015012 sports rope jumping, slow
015011 sports rugby
015002 sports softball, officiating
015003 sports softball or baseball, fast or slow pitch, general (Taylor Code 440)
015004 sports soccer, casual, general (Taylor Code 540)
015005 sports soccer, competitive
015006 sports sky diving
015007 sports roller blading (in-line skating)
015008 sports skating, roller (Taylor Code 360)
015009 sports skateboarding
015010 sports shuffleboard, lawn bowling
015022 sports volleyball, beach
015023 sports volleyball, non-competitive, 6 - 9 member team, general
015036 sports basketball, officiating (Taylor Code 500)
015037 sports basketball, non-game, general (Taylor Code 480)
015038 sports badminton, social singles and doubles, general
015039 sports badminton, competitive (Taylor Code 450)
015040 sports archery (non-hunting)
015041 sports football, touch, flag, general (Taylor Code 510)
015042 sports basketball, game (Taylor Code 490)
015043 sports bowling (Taylor Code 390)
015044 sports football or baseball, playing catch
015035 sports basketball, shooting baskets
015034 sports football, competitive
015033 sports rock climbing, ascending rock
015024 sports volleyball, competitive, in gymnasium
015025 sports volleyball (Taylor Code 400)
015026 sports trampoline
015027 sports tennis, singles (Taylor Code 420)
015028 sports tennis, doubles
015029 sports tennis, doubles (Taylor Code 430)
015030 sports tennis, general
015031 sports tai chi
015032 sports track and field (steeplechase, hurdles)
016007 transportation riding in a bus
016006 transportation motor scooter, motorcycle
016005 transportation driving heavy truck, tractor, bus
016004 transportation riding in a car or truck
016003 transportation automobile or light truck (not a semi) driving
016002 transportation flying airplane
016001 transportation pushing plane in and out of hangar
017012 volunteer activities standing - light work (filing, talking, assembling)
017013 volunteer activities walk/stand combination, for volunteer purposes
017014 volunteer activities standing - moderate (lifting 50 lbs., assembling at fast rate)
017015 volunteer activities sitting - meeting, general, and/or with talking involved
017016 volunteer activities sitting - light office work, in general
017017 volunteer activities sitting - moderate work
017018 volunteer activities sitting, child care, only active periods
017019 volunteer activities walking, 3.5 mph, brisk speed, not carrying anything
017011 volunteer activities standing, child care, only active periods
017010 volunteer activities walk/run play with children, moderate, only active periods
017009 volunteer activities walking, 3.5 mph, briskly and carrying objects less than 25 pounds
017001 volunteer activities walk/run play with children, vigorous, only active periods
017002 volunteer activities standing - light/moderate work (pack boxes, assemble/repair, set up chairs/furniture)
017003 volunteer activities standing - moderate/heavy work
017004 volunteer activities typing, electric, manual, or computer
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List contains 603 activities.

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