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Exercised activities

Del activityActivityTime of activity (min)Calories per 100kg and 1 hourEnergy (kcal)
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009015 music playing horn
009009 music playing piano or organ
009008 music playing trombone
009007 music playing trumpet
009001 music playing violin
009002 music playing woodwind
009003 music playing guitar, classical, folk (sitting)
009004 music playing guitar, rock and roll band (standing)
009005 music playing marching band, playing an instrument, baton twirling (walking)
009006 music playing marching band, drum major (walking)
010078 occupation bakery, light effort
010079 occupation bookbinding
010080 occupation building road (including hauling debris, driving heavy machinery)
010081 occupation building road, directing traffic (standing)
010082 occupation carpentry, general
010083 occupation carrying heavy loads, such as bricks
010084 occupation carrying moderate loads up stairs, moving boxes (16-40 pounds)
010085 occupation chambermaid, making bed (nursing)
010086 occupation coal mining, drilling coal, rock
010087 occupation coal mining, erecting supports
010088 occupation coal mining, general
010089 occupation coal mining, shoveling coal
010090 occupation construction, outside, remodeling
010077 occupation custodial work - buffing the floor with electric buffer
010076 occupation custodial work - cleaning sink and toilet, light effort
010075 occupation farming, driving harvester, cutting hay, irrigation work
010062 occupation bakery, general, moderate effort
010063 occupation custodial work - dusting, light effort
010064 occupation custodial work ? feathering arena floor, moderate effort
010065 occupation custodial work - general cleaning, moderate effort
010066 occupation custodial work - mopping, moderate effort
010067 occupation custodial work - take out trash, moderate effort
010068 occupation custodial work - vacuuming, light effort
010069 occupation custodial work - vacuuming, moderate effort
010070 occupation electrical work, plumbing
010071 occupation farming, baling hay, cleaning barn, poultry work, vigorous effort
010072 occupation farming, chasing cattle, non-strenuous (walking), moderate effort
010073 occupation farming, chasing cattle or other livestock on horseback, moderate effort
010074 occupation farming, chasing cattle or other livestock, driving, light effort
010091 occupation farming, driving tractor
010092 occupation machine tooling, machining, working sheet metal
010108 occupation farming, feeding small animals
010109 occupation farming, feeding cattle, horses
010110 occupation farming, hauling water for animals, general hauling water
010111 occupation farming, taking care of animals (grooming, brushing, shearing sheep, assisting with birthing, medical care, branding)
010112 occupation farming, forking straw bales, cleaning corral or barn, vigorous effort
010113 occupation farming, milking by hand, moderate effort
010114 occupation farming, milking by machine, light effort
010115 occupation farming, shoveling grain, moderate effort
010116 occupation forestry, barking trees
010117 occupation forestry, ax chopping, slow
010118 occupation forestry, ax chopping, fast
010119 occupation fire fighter, hauling hoses on ground
010120 occupation fire fighter, climbing ladder with full gear
010107 occupation forestry, carrying logs
010106 occupation forestry, felling trees
010093 occupation forestry, general
010094 occupation forestry, hoeing
010095 occupation forestry, planting by hand
010096 occupation forestry, sawing by hand
010097 occupation forestry, sawing, power
010098 occupation forestry, trimming trees
010099 occupation forestry, weeding
010100 occupation furriery
010101 occupation horse grooming
010102 occupation horse racing, galloping
010103 occupation horse racing, trotting
010104 occupation horse racing, walking
010105 occupation locksmith
010121 occupation fire fighter, general
010061 occupation machine tooling, operating lathe
010001 occupation shoveling, heavy (more than 16 pounds/minute)
010017 occupation machine tooling, operating punch press
010018 occupation machine tooling, tapping and drilling
010019 occupation machine tooling, welding
010020 occupation masonry, concrete
010021 occupation masseur, masseuse (standing)
010022 occupation moving, pushing heavy objects, 75 lbs or more (desks, moving van work)
010023 occupation skindiving or SCUBA diving as a frogman (Navy Seal)
010024 occupation operating heavy duty equipment/automated, not driving
010025 occupation orange grove work
010026 occupation printing (standing)
010027 occupation police, directing traffic (standing)
010028 occupation police, driving a squad car (sitting)
010029 occupation police, riding in a squad car (sitting)
010016 occupation police, making an arrest (standing)
010015 occupation shoe repair, general
010002 occupation shoveling, light (less than 10 pounds/minute)
010003 occupation shoveling, moderate (10 to 15 pounds/minute)
010004 occupation sitting - light office work, general (chemistry lab work, light use of hand tools, watch repair or micro-assembly, light assembly/repair), sitting, reading, driving at wo
010005 occupation sitting meetings, general, and/or with talking involved, eatting at a business meeting
010006 occupation "sitting; moderate (heavy levers, riding mower/forklift, crane operation), teaching stretching or yoga"
010007 occupation "standing; light (bartending, store clerk, assembling, filing, duplicating, putting up a Christmas tree), standing and talking at work, changing clothes when teaching p"
010008 occupation "standing; light/moderate (assemble/repair heavy parts, welding, stocking, auto repair, pack boxes for moving, etc.), patient care (as in nursing)"
010009 occupation lifting items continuously, 10 ? 20 lbs, with limited walking or resting
010010 occupation "standing; moderate (assembling at fast rate, intermittent, lifting 50 lbs, hitch/twisting ropes)"
010011 occupation "standing; moderate/heavy (lifting more than 50 lbs, masonry, painting, paper hanging)"
010012 occupation steel mill, fettling
010013 occupation steel mill, forging
010014 occupation shoveling, digging ditches
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List contains 603 activities.

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