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Here you can find list of features each version of program Energy Diary. Features are described from initial version 1.00 plus additional features for each new version of program.

Version 1.10

  • Small errors corrected.
  • New GUI design.

Version 1.00

  • Possibility of multi user usage.
  • Password protected user login.
  • First time setup installation.
  • Program registration.
  • Logging of user weight and height.
  • Computing BMI for user.
  • Weight in kg and pounds.
  • Height in cm and inches.
  • Energy in kJ and kcal.
  • Foods logging.
  • Foods searching from 7146 foods of USDA food nutrient database.
  • Creating list of recent foods.
  • View of all nutrition data for foods.
  • Activities logging.
  • Activities searching from 603 activities.
  • Creating list of recent activities.
  • Creating user goals.
  • Checking user goals with graph.
  • Creating user foods with basic nutrient data.
  • Simple diary for special records.
  • Calendar for month with info about existing records for day and energy income and expense.
  • Energy income and expense graph for month.
  • Sugar income graph for month.
  • Lipid (fat) income graph for month.
  • Proteins income graph for month.
  • Cholesterol income graph for month.
  • Total energy income and expense for selected day.
  • Total sugar income for selected day.
  • Total lipid income for selected day.
  • Total protein income for selected day.
  • Total cholesterol income for selected day.

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